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Studio One 4.6.1リリースノート・大阪弁バージョン


Studio One 4.6リリースノート(大阪弁バージョン)はこちら




Studio One 4.6.xは  Windows7/8、ほんで、Mac OS 10.11および10.12に対応した最後のバージョンなんや!




●Check for automatic updates fails for Fat Channel Collection add-on
● [Browser] Crash when clicking through custom file tabs
● [Browser] Crash on "Convert to Audioloop" from context menu
● Crash when saving plug-in preset under certain conditions
● Crash on resize when replacing arranger section
● [Scratch Pad] "Invert Selection" extends range selection beyond boundaries
● [Microsoft Surface] Unwanted selection behavior when using the pen
● [Impact XT] Custom MIDI template does not trigger pad on G5
● "Tab to Transients" can get stuck in audio parts
● Note events can get a negative length
● MIDI file import fails under certain conditions
● Crash on creating new song when macro command bar is missing
● Crash using fade handle on grouped tracks
● [Mixer] I/O not instantly showing up
● Ampire Amp/Cabinet power buttons inverted in Studio One Prime
● Pedalboard preset "Setup One" is turned off
● List selection for track notes broken
● Time signature errors when moving arranger blocks
● Crash on open plug-in UI from the routing view

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