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Studio One 5.2リリースノート・大阪弁バージョン(2021年、日本時間3月9日)


Studio One 5新機能(大阪弁バージョン)はこのリンクをボチーってクリックしたら出てくるページや

Studio One 5.1新機能(大阪弁バージョン)はここをクリックや!!


このページは5.2やで。 このページの最終更新日は3月9日。随時、わかった情報を書いてくで。

Studio One 5.2ビデオ(英語)




youtube上のStudio One 5.2関連のビデオリスト

Studio One 5.2について開設されたビデオのリストをリンクしとくで。ようさんあるから貼り付けられへんのや。


Studio One 5.2新機能リリースノート翻訳






PreSonus Sphere


ニューコマンド・・・新しいコマンド。多分どれもショートカット アサインできるで


● Arranger

o Stop at End of Bar
o Stop at End of Section
o Set Sync Mode 1 Bar
o Set Sync Mode 2 Bars
o Set Sync Mode 4 Bars
o Set Sync Mode End
o Set Sync Mode Off
o Goto Section 1..16

● Audio

o New Clip Version・・・新規クリップバージョン・・・ゲインエンベロープに新規のクリッバージョンプが作れるようになりました。詳細はリンク先の最終章をどうぞ!
o Separate Shared Copies

● Event

o Separate Shared Copies
o Convert Keyswitches to Sound Variations

● Edit

o Show Tracks with Events

● File

o Open with Options

● Score

o Double at Interval
o Quantize to Notation
o Rebuild Score
o Send to Voice 1
o Send to Voice 2
o Send to Voice 3
o Send to Voice 4

● Show

o Set Section Playback Mode Continue
o Set Section Playback Mode Loop
o Set Section Playback Mode Loop and Continue
o Set Section Playback Mode Loop and Skip
o Set Section Playback Mode Stop at End
o Toggle Section Playback Mode Loop / Continue

● Sound Variation


o Apply Variation 1..20
o Find and Apply Variation

● Track

o Unpack Selected Layers to Tracks

● View

o Fullscreen



● [macOS High Sierra] Crash on loading certain songs
● [macOS] CPU spikes when using "CharacterSaw" in MaiTai or changing the "Pre"
parameter value in Room Reverb on M1 driven Macs
● [FaderPort 8/16] Control Link: autofill mappings are overwritten by static mappings
● [Faderport 8/16] Track visibility with Studio One is not synced
● [Score Editor] Wrong playback for tremolos on 8th notes or shorter
● [Sample One XT] Potential crash while adjusting sample boundaries
● Moving events in nested folders don’t display correctly
● Swing notes not been applied correctly in the pattern editor
● "Layers follow events" resets when duplicating track
● Preview in song tempo only works with first loop
● Show Page not changing presets in certain situations
● “Bounce selection” from bar 1 w/ external instrument inaccurate
● Vienna Ensemble load time regression
● Removing plug-ins from AUX channels won’t reset latency
● Failure to import very long MP3 files
● Preview in song tempo only works with first loop
● Sends are duplicated when recalling track with side chain
● Changing time signature not working for Scratch Pads
● VU Meter shows clip before 0 dbfs
● Quantize issues with late and early 16ths
● Multi-outs saved in a Instrument+FX preset or Musicloop are not recalled correctly


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