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Studio One 5.3リリースノート・大阪弁バージョン(2021年、6月29日)


Studio One 5新機能(大阪弁バージョン)はこのリンクをボチーってクリックしたら出てくるページや

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Studio One 5.2新機能(大阪弁バージョン)はここをクリックや!!


このページは5.3やで。 このページの最終更新日は7月17日。随時、わかった情報を書いてくで。

Studio One 5.3ビデオ(英語)




Studio One 5.3新機能リリースノート翻訳




● [ATOM SQ] Device script sends Sustain message 2 times
● [ATOM SQ] Japanese characters result in blank display cells ATOM SQでUserメニューが日本語がディスプレイに表示されない問題が、英語のコマンドとしてだけど出るようになったで!!

Studio One

● [Drum Editor] Transform tool misses last note of a given selection
● [Impact XT] Eco Filter causing high level noise with certain samples
● [Note Editor] "Fill with notes" in custom pitch range adds unwanted notes outside the
● [Note Editor] In certain situations, "Length / Legato + Overlap Correction" creates
unwanted note length
● [Note FX] Arpeggiator not triggering with note values less than 1 beat
● [Pro EQ ] 12th octave spectrum meter is incorrect
● [Pro EQ ] Potential crash when using LowCut at 48dB/Oct
● [Project Page] Undo history doesn't call out parameters and values
● [Score Editor] “Fill with rests” causes the score to be drawn incorrectly
● [Score Editor] Potential crash when repeatedly executing enharmonic respelling tool
● [Show Page] "Add Player" commands disabled depending on workspace focus
● [Show Page] Selecting a patch containing a splitter creates a phantom splitter

[Sound Variations] "Find and Apply Variation" during recording won't record already
activated variation
● [Sound Variations] Momentary Sound Variations can be stacked but only the one added
last is visible
● [Sound Variations] When applying momentary sound variations to a note, the same
(momentary) variation can be added several times
● [Waves Plug-ins] Graphics may become sluggish when hovering the mouse pointer above
plug-in controls
● [Windows] Cannot save song when it's selected in the browser
● [Windows] Incorrect resizing when moving plug-in window from regular to HiDPI display
w/ certain plug-ins
● Actions are not aimed at multiple selected events/parts after shift+deselect
● Automation follows events may create redundant nodes
● Buses jump out of folders in Console when editing their automation
● Collapsing a Multi Instrument inside a folder hides Multi Instrument
● Commands inside a macro can change behavior if keyboard shortcuts use modifier keys
● Compare button does not toggle with 3rd party plugins
● Drag & Drop from Steinberg Backbone VSTi not working
● VST3 compatibility improvements
● Editing an automation curve might show unwanted behavior
● “Follow Chords”, "Play Overlaps" and Tune Mode doesn't copy over when executing
'Duplicate Track Complete"
● Marker list is not shown in Studio One Remote
● Mouse wheel is inverted on chord track inspector octave field
● Moving an External Instrument Track from one Bus Folder to another loses the Input
assignment of its Aux Channel
● Outputs to bus reset to Main when folder track is removed
● Play Overlaps checkbox doesn't get copied over to new track when using "duplicate track
● Potential crash when triggering "Zoom Selected Track" after mixer scene change
● Range Select+Copy pastes range at incorrect destination when there is automation data
● Renaming audio files fails w/ error message "file is in use" in certain cases
● “Show in Context” does not work for effects on browser home page
● Small 3rd-party plug-in window is not centered
● Tone Generator pops in certain situations
● “Transform To Audio” changes the track's Tempo & Timestretch settings to "default"

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