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Studio One 5.4&5.4.1リリースノート・大阪弁バージョン(2021年、9月14日&10月14日)


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このページは5.4やで。 このページの最終更新日は10月17日。随時、わかった情報を書いてくで。


Studio One 5.4ビデオ(英語)




Studio One 5.3新機能リリースノート翻訳




● ROLI Equator (v1) VST3 plug-in no longer blocked
● [ATOM SQ] Control Link parameter drag and drop not working
● [ATOM SQ] Macro commands not displayed correctly
● [ATOM SQ] Text updates exceeding a certain length are ignored
● [FaderPort 8/16] Some tracks not shown after opening a song
● [FaderPort 8/16] Operating mode is not detected on launch under certain conditions

[macOS] Delay in drag when moving a pinned editor
● [macOS] Playback may get stuck when using stock instruments
● [macOS] Security mechanism misses Waves 11 plug-in crashes
● [Note Editor] Editing might lag in certain cases, e. g. with many sound variations
● [PreSonus Sphere] Deleting multiple files in a workspace in Cloud tab is limited to two files
● [Sample One] Potential crash when playing reversed samples at 96 kHz
● [Score Editor] Certain transposed instrument tracks not playing back correctly
● [Score Editor] Duplicating musical directions causes overlaps in most situations
● [Score Editor] Jumps after entering score symbol
● [Score Editor] Sometimes incorrect rests are entered when editing events
● Alt + mouse wheel to select next layers stopped working
● Arpeggiator Note FX auditions without receiving events under certain conditions
● Arranger/Chord/Marker tracks cannot be opened in certain situations
● Automation tracks packed to a folder don't follow Solo/Mute state
● Broken automation lane for FabFilter Simplon
● Dragging audio clips from Pool to Impact/SampleOne not working
● Exported MIDI file contains scratch pad data
● Folder tracks do not follow "Disable Events under automation envelopes" option
● Horizontal scrolling with mouse wheel in Console only works properly above faders
● Impact XT pitch names out of sync when used in Multi Instrument
● Instrument automation keeps writing to undo history during playback
● Note Controller not reset when part removed
● Note Controllers don’t reset to default as expected for VST3 instruments
● Output Movement from Studio Magic Bundle does not appear in Studio One 5 Prime
● Parts and events should be selected exclusively when drawn with pencil tool
● “Play Overlaps” settings revert to default when tracks are transformed
● Potential crash when selecting Browser tabs
● Potential crash on deleting unused instruments while multiple songs are open
● Switching process precision changes event gain
● Track Notes width not stored properly
● "Select Highest/Lowest Notes" macros select too many notes
● Very long audio files may loop unexpectedly

以下5.4.1・・・[Apple Silicon Native] Tuner shows incorrect results
● [ATOM SQ] Fixed page numbers for Song, Instrument, and Editor buttons
● [macOS] Touch event is offset in plug-in select menu
● [Note Editor] Tab to next note not working consistently
● 32-bit float recording from Capture shows up as 16-bit in Studio One
● Alt+Drag in arrangement intermittently crashes S1
● BPM from WAV file not properly applied to audio part
● Can’t drag WAV files to browser to export events with FX
● Cancel mixdown keeps rendered part
● Crash when closing plug-in editor via touch
● Crash with Acustica Audio N4 plug-in
● "Cursor follows edit position” option fails when dragging chords from the chord track to
the arrangement
● Dragging notes from note editor to arrangement delivers unexpected results
● Dragging time-stretched audio event with detected chords to instrument track creates
event with wrong length
● Dragging Splitter from browser search result shows unwanted behavior
● Higher audio monitoring latency reported in certain cases
● Impact XT inside a multi-instrument creates unwanted noise
● Note On not sent to MIDI outputs when MPE enabled
● Pipeline ‘ping’ doesn’t work when transport is stopped
● Potential crash on system shutdown when Studio One is still open
● Scores from Notion using Jazz font are displayed incorrectly
● Some automation parameters may be linked to the wrong track with bus automation
● SoundCloud browser tab occasionally stays empty
● With Plug-in Nap active, reverb tail is cut from certain AU plug-ins
● With Show Page in Perform View, pressing space bar to play/stop doesn’t work when
Setlist is in focus

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