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Studio One 6.1 新機能リリースノート・大阪弁翻訳版(2023年3月22日,日本時間23日リリース)、翻訳&執筆中

Studio One のリリースノートといえば大阪弁!もうStudio One ユーザーの間では常識ですね。
>>>> Studio One 6 の大阪弁版リリースノートは、こちら





Studio One 6.1 バージョンヒストリー&リリースノート

この文書はStudio One 6の全機能のメンテナンスアップデート(バグフィックスや改良部分)を書いてくで。ほな、いきまっせー。


Sphereを経由したコライト機能の強化がされたで(Live notifications for Sphere collaborators)・・・<<< Sphereユーザーのみ >>>

日本ではナントカPとかが単体で作品を作ることが多いけど、アメリカは昔からコライトも多いですよね 。




Studio One Remote app(1.7)

iPadなど、タブレットからStudio One を制御できるStudio One Remoteがバージョンアップしたで



● Event – Set Sync Point to Cursor
● Event – Set Sync Point to Mouse Cursor
● Event – Toggle Sync Point
● Event – Set Color of Selected Events
● Track – Set Color of Selected Tracks
● Track – Set Color of Selected Channels
● View – Next Macro Page
● View – Previous Macro Page
● View – Select Macro Page
● Transport – Toggle Loop Display
● Help – Usage Data Settings



● [Browser] Shortcuts do not work because of active search
● [Impact XT] Labels missing on drop-down menus
● [macOS] Certain audio interface settings (float/integer) are not transferred from the OS
● [MixFX] Porta Cassette crashes when bus is set to Mono
● [Start Page] When deleted, shared songs are not removed from the list
● [Console] "Assign in Ascending Order" for outputs may select unwanted channel types
● [Console] In maximized main window, send slots disappear when dragging Console
divider upwards
● [Console] Send divider will appear in unwanted positions when adding channels while the
Console is hidden
● [Console] "Add Insert to Selected Channel" doesn't work for all channel types
● [Note Editor] Vertical zoom doesn’t work when applied by key commands
● [Pro EQ³] Sidechain spectrum not shown when re-opening a song
● [Project Page] "Transform to Rendered Audio" is available despite absence of plug-ins
● [Score Editor] Song notes created in Studio One 5 are not displayed when the song end
marker has been moved
● [Smart Templates] Added error handling for unsupported video formats
● [Smart Templates] “Play Now – Piano” doesn't load instrument samples in Studio One
● [Smart Templates] “New…” dialog drop zone layout changes between templates
● [Smart Templates] “New…” dialog expand state is not stored correctly
● [Video] Potential glitches in exported video when export range is original video length
PreSonus Studio One 6 – Version History
● “Mixdown selection” bounces entire Event
● Graphical glitch when importing certain picture formats to artist profile
● C-2 note is not displayed in every editor in certain cases
● [Compressor] Knee value field missing
● Video playback is not latency compensated
● When using a touch display, context menu won't open on long-press
● Crash when disabling Instrument Track with plug-in that has sidechain input enabled
● Crash when using Japanese (Kana) for key commands
● Customization panel has wrong order of elements
● Duplicating ranges of automation on folders ignores preferences and duplicates events
● Inspector show/hide button of Pattern Editor not visible on small screens
● “New…” window won’t show up instantly when called under certain conditions
● Moving a track by drag and drop may take more than 30 seconds in certain cases
● Performance Monitor checkbox doesn't move while scrolling horizontally
● Sound Variations don't follow note sizing
● Vocoder / Ampire knobs get stuck on first mouse move
● VST3 plug-in user interface state not properly recalled in certain cases


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